Lev Ohev

For children and youth in Israel
To empower children. To empower communities. To make a difference

What distinguishes us from others?

We know how to connect businesses and entrepreneurs to meaningful social activities, which bestow an added value.

We focus on neighborhoods by preparing tailored made programs while methodologically working according to the theory of change.

We create deep relations between businesses, public and civil sectors, which in turn produce a Collective Impact.

We make sure that each project continues to operate under the responsibility of the local authorities.

About Us

Lev Ohev (“Loving Heart”) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997 by a group of leading Israeli businessmen with the desire to promote social initiatives for children at risk in Israel. We believe that all children are entitled to social resources, an equal opportunity for education and a healthy life by integrating into society.

Lev Ohev operates in the geographical and social periphery of Israel’s cities and neighborhoods in order to reduce social and economic gaps while empowering children and youth up to the age of 18. We operate by means of age-appropriate informal educational content, accompanying families and professional teams, building, maintaining, and strengthening local communities.

Lev Ohev connects a businessman or a business company to each neighborhood, and together with each local authority and non-profit organizations, a significant impact is forged.


Lev Ohev believes that every child has an equal opportunity to a bright and prosperous future through transformative projects in collaboration with business, civic and local leadership sector.


In Israel there are 195 underprivileged neighborhoods where about 2,000,000 children and youth (ages 0-18) live. 30% of them (814,800) live in poverty and about 411,111 are at risk and distress, evidently preventing them from either exercising their basic rights to dignity and protection, nor receiving basic or higher education let alone, pursuing a career. Lev Ohev strives to break this cycle by guaranteeing these children equal opportunities for growth, development, and self-fulfillment.


Promoting the welfare of children and youth in Israel.
Supporting and mobilizing marginalized communities, locally and nationally, with direct aid services to children and youth.
Promoting the welfare of children and youth with special needs and disabilities.

The 'Hundred Hearts' program​

The 100 hearts program aims to improve the quality of life of children and youth in 100 underprivileged neighborhoods by comprehensive work. The program was launched in 2012 with the understanding that the environment has a strong influence on children and youth’s self-image and sense of competence. The 'Hundred Hearts' Theory of Change - An increase in social mobility 

  • Artboard 1 Short Range

Children and Youth – Academic and social abilities increase in relation to each neighborhood.

Neighborhood – Strengthening families.

  • Artboard 1 Medium range

Children and Youth – A 25% increase in matriculation graduates in relation to each neighborhood’s percentage.

Neighborhood – Upgrading the residents' neighborhood satisfaction.

  • Artboard 1 Long range

Children and Youth – An increase of higher education enrollment.

Neighborhood – Socioeconomic improvement.

Board Members

Israel Eliyahu

Board Member, Chairman of Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd.

Eyal Greenberg

Board Member, CEO of “Steimatzky” Israeli bookstore chain

Nir Sheratzky

Board Member, CEO of Ituran Company

Noga Rahmani

Board Member, former chairman of Ayalon insurance company

Shmulik Zysman

Board Member, Managing Partner of Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Co.

Ronen Yafo

Board Member, CEO of Elad Israel Residence

Adi Ezra

Board Member, Neto Group

Shiri Malca

Board Member, owner at Shiri Malca attorney office

Shirley Klein

Board Member

Amos Hadar

Board Member, CEO, chairman and owner of the Hadar group

Robert Antokol

Board Member, CEO of Playtika

Tovi Shmeltzer

Board Member, Shlomo Insurance Company

Omri Cohen

Board Member, CEO of Touch Group

Avner Kass

Board Member, co-chairman of "Meir" Company for Cars and Trucks Ltd

Professional staff

Haim Sakal

Lev Ohev’s Chairman and chairman of Sakal Holdings

Michal Amir

Deputy Director-General

Re'em shmuelevich

Beit Shemesh Director

Karin Cohen

Kiryat Bialik Director

Hila Pinhas

Petah Tikva Director

Ifat Yehuda

Rishon LeTsiyon Director

Tal Stzmski

Jerusalem Director


Donations are tax-deductible in Israel, Canada, the US, France and UK via IsraelGives platform


For donations by check

26 Sa’adia Gaon St., Tel-Aviv, 6713521 on behalf of Lev Ohev

Bank transfer

Branch 628, account 107572, Bank Hapoalim on behalf of Lev Ohev


Direct bank transfer from abroad

IBAN IL790126280000000107572, Bank Hapoalim on behalf of Lev Ohev


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