100 Hearts Project

The 100 Hearts program aims to improve the quality of life of children and youth in challenged neighborhoods in Israel,through comprehensive work with individuals and the community at large.The program was founded in 2012 from the understanding that our environment has a significant influence on the self-esteem and assurance of children and youth.We connect a business leader or company with a neighborhood, partner with the local municipality and non-profit organizations to considerably effect change for the future of the residents

Children and Youth

Above 2 million children and youth (ages 0-18) live in Israel, of which approximately 344,000 are at risk.
These children are not able to be active contributing members of Israeli society. In the geographical periphery of Israel, there are increasing numbers of children and youth at risk, in relation to other areas of the country. The local authorities are under-resourced and the welfare services are stretched, therefore, the cycle of poverty continues from generation to generation.


Vision and Values

Lev Ohev is a non-profit organization that supports children and youth at risk in Israel.
We are dedicated to the principle that all children and youth are entitled to have the social and material resources to be healthy, educated and productive
members of their communities.

- Improvement of the well-being of children and youth at risk.